Every wall had something on or against it. Not a single open space to be had.

I kept scratching my head in amazement — When did we acquire so much furniture? Why did we fill every corner, in every room?

Was there really a need for a photo or picture on every wall? Or, a decorative shelf with an array of tchotchkes upon it.

Inevitably, when we got rid of a piece of furniture, a chair, or bookcase, something new would end up in its place. Even when we moved things around, from one room to the next, to feel less cramped, somehow the walls were never left open and spacious.

It was fascinating to notice how the discomfort with open, empty space would feel wasteful or an unwise use of real estate. Never fail, the space would end up filled once again.

That is until I began to fully embrace a minimalist lifestyle, the desire to live a more meaningful life with less. Less stuff. Less stress. Less upkeep. And, definitely less hassle.

I have always been one to like things organized and tidy. Piles of stuff has never been comfortable to me, so whenever they would show up, as piles are known to do, I would find a way to make them disappear.

But, disappear did not mean OUT THE DOOR! Oh, heavens no. There was no need to toss it out or give it away when I was so talented in organization. I always found a way to put them away all neat and tidy. Most often hidden out of sight.

More recently my husband and I have been seriously considering downsizing — downsizing into a smaller home, condo or apartment. A place that would require less maintenance and upkeep.

A place that would not need even half the stuff we currently own.

We had to decide what downsizing meant to each of us. What would that NEW place look like? The size. The number of bedrooms. How many bathrooms. How much storage and closet space would we need. Would it have a garage and indoor laundry?

What were our MUSTS? For me, No more laundromats — An indoor place for a washer and dryer was a must!

We talked of our vision, our desired lifestyle, and our values. Where did we come together in those, and where did we differ? To move forward, a joint vision was needed.

Once that was agreed upon, we began with paring down our home to what would fit into that next place.

One of the biggest steps we have taken is to get rid of excess furniture. We sold some of it. Gave away some of it. And, even broke down and demoed one piece of furniture.

The sofa sleeper. It weighed a ton so it got demoed in place and brought down in pieces. The mattress got recycled. The cushions cut up and tossed.

Now THIS is some serious tidying up and minimizing!

How about for you? Any excess furniture you need to release? Are you ready to step into some serious tidying up?

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