Several kinds of marble enjoy immense popularity among homeowners and interior designers. Durango, Calacatta, Carrara, China Black and Crema Marfil are some of those profound natural creations. The cool and warm white and gray shades of white oak marble are most attractive. They resemble natural oak with a natural linear pattern. Stately surroundings are the result of installing white oak on walls and floors. Accent walls and intimate corners, business premises, and attractive interiors could do with a dash of white oak.

Benefits of natural stone

Down the ages, marble has been the first choice among building materials. That glossy decorative feel is unrivaled. Marble has embellished palaces, churches, and temples for thousands of years. White has usually been the universal favorite. The aura of the romance of the pristine white marble rules over the human consciousness. Contrasts with other colors would only heighten the dramatic effect. Marble may last for an eternity! The immense durability of natural stone like marble is why they are often preferred. Little maintenance is required even when exposed to harsh climate and excessive footfalls.

Mosaics combine several colors with white

Since people may not be content with white alone, colorful mosaics have been created. The contemporary world thinks in bright colors like in dresses too. The super white and gray blends combine with a range of scintillating colors to create fabulous interiors. Eye-catching patterns like the honeycomb and herringbone create mystic effects. How were these patterns created? It is technology that has brought an immense world of effects. Look forward to the white oak marble sweet dreams.

Environments matter so much and influence the human consciousness, work, and productivity. Residences too need a peaceful existence. The privileged marble wins on every count. An inspiring touch is the result in a dream sequence that never ends. Countertops and backsplashes too would effectively use the marble. Install it wherever fancy decides.

The mystery filled Diamante Interlocking Mosaic would bring the wow and aha factor into the interiors. Why not install the mellow White Quarry Splitface by way of contrast on the opposite wall? Truffle Interlocking Mosaic would set the senses free with warm, muted shades in several colors. White Oak Hammered Mosaic also effectively uses monochromes in parallel lines. If cute checks are preferred, go for Metropolitan Blend Mosaic.

Personal choices matter and several white oak marble tiles and mosaics provide a rich feast. Gris Garden Lantern carries medieval symbolism. Stella Interlocking, Dimensions and White Quarry Chevron present quaint, pretty patterns.