The Beginning

Everyone hopes that someday they will be recognized because of their unique abilities, but sometimes opportunity is too elusive. Once they get to hold popularity, more times than not, they become fascinated by their humble success and reminded them of the people behind their triumph.

As a little boy, Nomer grew up emotionally and an introvert. It could be caused by incessant humiliation. Nomer can’t do anything but to avoid imminent embarrassment. Nomer was very careful not to enter a conversation that would end up his being empty-headed. Nomer needed to be simple and tried not to be arrogant in any way. Nomer took refuge into writing poems and fictional stories as the humiliation piled up.

Nomer got interested in reading comic books; his interest grew into the realm of fantasy. There was a wide range of comic book rental during those times and Nomer would save a few coins to rent his desired comic book. Slowly, Nomer gained confidence in writing his first poem and started joining online poetry contest which some of his works got placement. Nomer was moved into creating his own short story as he fondly narrated some of this to his family and close relatives. Writing had become an avocation for him to write an inspirational written piece.

The Strive

Everyone strives to receive accolades from relatives and friends. Nomer was one of those who needs little praise and approval. Only a few admired Nomer’s written works. All the poems, short stories, and articles he had written were compiled in his blog. Nomer was satisfied to see a few visitors when he monitored the flag counter of his blog.

The Attempt

Nomer had reached the point to offer his written works to a publishing company. He wrote his covering letter together with all other requirements and sent his book proposal. Nomer did not wait long for a response from the managing director of the company. Nomer received a rejection for his book proposal but he understood the company’s business core and very far from what Nomer had offered them–a fiction story. The company was publishing only a non-fiction inspirational and self-help books. Nomer never heard or received a reply again from the publishing company.

The Decision

Nomer was eager to share his written works and it popped out suddenly to his mind–what if he donates this to charity purpose. There are many orphanages in the country and many out of school youth needed reading materials to quench boredom inside the orphanage. There are some charitable institutions intended to serve the orphans with their dedicated volunteer teachers. Nomer started printing the manuscript of his book and created a design for his book cover, and Nomer’s first thought upon finishing what needed to be done was “knowledge is sharing.” Nomer did not hesitate to donate his book to an orphanage. Nomer could only print one copy of his book as his budget was tight. Nomer went to his chosen orphanage. He was happy giving the book to the orphanage administrator. The administrator was touched by Nomer’s kindness. The next day inside the library, it had displayed Nomer’s book.

The Arrival

It was mid-summer when all other orphans were outside removing weeds in the little garden when outside the entrance gate a little boy was staring and seemed was eager to join other kids. The administrator saw the little boy and approached him. The administrator took him inside and asked where he came from and where were his guardians. The little boy only bowed his head and cried. The little boy narrated what had happened to his parents and siblings. All family members have died during the heavy flash flood that stricken their place; the little boy could only remember he survived by clinging to a piece of wood that brought him to a nearby place. He became a vagrant and depended on someone else’s mercy. The administrator offered the little boy the orphanage to be his new home while the little boy did not refuse and accepted the offer.

The Curiosity

The little boy was to be known as Nimuel. Every day Nimuel would habitually visit the small library, nobody had coaxed him to read but he insisted on doing so. What caught Nimuel’s interest was the sole copy of the book donated by Nomer entitled “Collection of Thoughts,” in all it has 180 pages with three chapters: poem, short story, and an article. Nimuel read freely the book’s content, never got tired understanding the message and eventually learned it by heart. At the end of the day, Nimuel could able to recite the poems. At every moonlit, Nimuel would share the story he read to other orphans, and to the surprise of all, Nimuel could share information he read from the article section of the book. The book became Nimuel’s pillar to build his dreams. Nimuel showed the wisdom that would communicate the elders his eagerness to learn and that was the beginning of it all. Nimuel was sent to school being sponsored by the orphanage. Nimuel persistently occupied his life with straightforward knowledge, and at the deciding time, Nimuel graduated with honors. The orphanage was very proud of Nimuel that his struggle did not come in vain rather harvested good fruits. Nimuel wholeheartedly thanked the people behind the orphanage and revealed the secret behind his success aside the good upbringing of the people in the orphanage was the sole copy of the book “Collection of Thoughts,” Nimuel was keen to ask of who donated the book, the administrator unselfishly revealed that it was donated by Mr. Nomer Rovales. Nimuel dreamed of finding Mr. Nomer and needed to tell to Mr. Nomer of what the book had contributed to his success. Nimuel left the orphanage and started a new life outside what he called a real home for several years. Now Nimuel armed with skills and knowledge embarked on the corporate world where he built his huge wealth. One day while Nimuel was walking along the park, he was overwhelmed by two opposing feelings; happiness and keenness. Nimuel had humble beginnings and went on to become a wealthy man and that happiness also will help him to find Mr. Nomer Rovales.

The Meet-Up

The helical trail of everyday life was not easy for the once little boy named Nimuel and into manhood where fame and glorious life made him realize that emptiness still lingered in his heart. There was one goal that Nimuel would like to have a real impact on the lives of orphaned children and that was to give them education, by starting to build more libraries in the far-flung areas. Accruing over 10 years, Nimuel succeeded in building many libraries, it came like a montage of films put together for a good effect. Nimuel believed that education is the first step to success.

One day, Nimuel was invited to a public speaking engagement. The topic was about “Deliberate Parenting,” even though Nimuel did not have a genuine conversation since that tragedy happened to his parents, if he had to look for his parents caressing touch, it was altered by a good touch from the orphanage. It was a chance for Nimuel to meet the people he will likely be sharing success with. One of the audiences who attended that day was Nomer, seated at the far end of the domed stadium. Nimuel was confidently imparting his story across his audience and for the umpteenth time mentioned also about the book entitled “Collection of Thoughts.” Mr. Nomer, immediately knew that it was the book he donated solely to the orphanage. Immediately after the speech, Nimuel expressed his gratitude to Mr. Nomer Rovales, and right at that moment showed to his audience the book he had been keeping all the times — the book who became his inspiration to do the right thing. Nimuel lectured also that in life there were three doors needed to be entered: One door full of pictures to choose with, the second door are roads to a trail, and the third door is a tree bearing fruits to pick. What to reap in the fruit-bearing tree comes from the roots of one’s perseverance. Nimuel had pledged that he will print more copies of Mr. Nomer’s book as he personally acknowledged the significance of the book. Mr. Nomer could not express the joy inside his heart; at long last, his written works had earned recognition. Mr. Nomer without any words walked out of the stadium without introducing himself to Nimuel. Mr. Nomer was happy that way even without showing himself to the crowd as Nimuel talked about the author.

In the years gone by, Mr. Nomer grew old along with the deterioration of his body. He confined himself in his room and used to read his draft copy of the book he donated to the orphanage, with tears in his eyes upon gazing in wonder at the cover of his book, someone knocked on his door, to his surprise it was none other than Nimuel at the doorstep holding a bound book with attractive design bearing the author’s name “Nomer Rovales.” Nimuel took Nomer’s hand and hugged him. The author’s face was in an unusual calmness when Nimuel touched his face, on closer approached; Nimuel realized that Nomer was dead. It was a sad reunion between the author and the once an orphan boy. The book had circulated all over the country and had become the best seller. Mr. Nomer’s pen and thoughts were resting now; all things have been in the desired place for God is really working to get the blessing back on all of us. Nomer was remembered as the author who made big changes with the life of an orphan boy. The End.

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