Well, if you are a lover of nature and believe that woods look best in jungles and forests and not on your tabletop or worktop then you can go for the Egger kitchen worktops that are made of materials such as stone and ceramic. They are available in the following varieties:

• Premium White

• Pegasus White

• Ceramic Chalk

• Cashmere

• Avalon Cream

• Boston Concrete

• Trento Grey Bridge

• Isodora Bridge

• Tivoli Anthracite

• Archetipo Terra

• Tessina Terra

• Ceramic Anthracite

• Pegasus Anthracite

• Black Granite

• Black

Premium White

Whenever you have a white worktop in your kitchen you can be sure that you are making quite the statement. However, if your white kitchen worktop doesn’t have texture then it could lack depth and that could make it an uninteresting choice to say the least. However, with Egger’s Premium White you needn’t experience any such problem as such since these surfaces are heavily textured. They have glossy parts as well as matt ones. This is why they are so tactile and why their difference from others of their ilk happens to be so subtle.

Pegasus White

Pegasus White from Egger happens to be a kitchen worktop that has been toned down willingly. The worktop as such is quite a subtle one. This is something that adds oodles of sophistication to the product. By using this worktop in your kitchen you can create a neutral base that will combine really well with your doors that may in bolder or more expressive colors. The same also applies for doors that come in elegant colors.

Ceramic Chalk

With Ceramic Chalk you get to choose from a wide array of combinations of colors that are presently in vogue, and tones that may be on the cooler side. In fact, you can also use Ceramic Chalk with the latest wood grain decors out there. If features a contemporary texture that is a combination of matt and glossy elements. This is why it looks so similar to a ceramic plate.


As far as colors for worktops in kitchens are concerned the demand for Cashmere is the highest. It is heavily embossed and its texture is tactile. This makes the surface interesting and lustrous as well. It is a highly versatile surface as well and can act in combination with a lot of other plain colors as well. This includes white and different shades of grey, apart from wood-grains.

Avalon Cream

This is a rather understated decor and its color variation is quite subtle as well. It gives you an effect of mineral stone. Avalon Cream owes its versatility to its neutral character.

Boston Concrete

Boston Concrete is an urban kitchen worktop and you can call it an industrial style one as well. If you are one of the many people that are using modern styled kitchens these days then you can be sure that you would like this worktop as well. It has a deep and rough texture that is evidently inspired by the concrete style.

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